Jonathan Persson

Game Design Portfolio

Hi! I’m Jonathan, a current Game Design and Project Management student at Uppsala University in Sweden.

  • The Bazaar
  • Responsibilities
  • Learnings

Remote work on streamer and esports team owner Andrey "Reynad" Yanyuk's strategy/card game "The Bazaar". You build your strategy throughout each game which makes every game a new experience. While a competitive game, The Bazaar aims to reach a broad audience with simple, yet deep design.

Genre: Strategy/Card Game, Deck-builder
Team Size: Small
Duration: 9 months (ongoing project)
Engine: Unity
Platform: PC & Mobile

Joining the small development team, my role was to help with all aspects of design. I mostly worked on what I and the other developers felt would contribute most to the project at the time. Partly due to time zones, I worked individually and brought materials to meetings for discussion.

  • Overall had my hands on everything design and some UX/UI
  • Figuring out design guidelines and goals (target audience, complexity, amount of player interaction, etc.)
  • Balancing design space and simplistic design
  • Figuring out possible card mechanics within current systems
  • Class archetypes and their card types/synergies
  • The high importance of being concise and clear when suggesting changes/mechanics, or pointing out flaws in the design.
  • Importance of having a common project vision and goals when making design decisions. 
  • The value of studying other games, especially within the same genre or type.
  • The Stump
  • Responsibilities
  • Learnings

The Stump is an arcade game with three unique competitive mini-games played with up to 4 players. This student project was made during my first year at university during an arcade course. Play as woodpeckers catching insects, racing/eating larvae, or forest mice storing food.

Genre: Arcade, Party Games
Team Size: 6
Duration: 10 weeks
Engine: Unity
Platform: PC (designed for arcade)

I pitched this project to my previous group after bouncing ideas with some friends and family. As the "producer", I mostly worked with what I felt necessary, or interesting at the time.

  • Thematic and gameplay concept
  • Project management
  • Environment art (took and edited photos)
  • Unity scene management & art implementation
  • C# scripting for minor systems and details
  • Quality assurance
  • Sound design

Medium dab.

  • Personal Project
  • Responsibilities
  • Learnings

My first digital solo project was made during the summer break after my first year at University. It's a simplistic puzzle game where you merge water droplets onto a specific spot in x amount of moves. Merging droplets change their size which affects their movement patterns. The project was mainly to practice my Unity development, and design skills. 

Genre: Puzzle/Logic
Team Size: 1
Duration: ~8 weeks (unfinished)
Engine: Unity
Platform: Mobile

As it was solo developed, I 

Small dab.